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25 September 2005 @ 06:15 pm
September 25 ~ 6:15PM

I swear the weirdos follow me where ever I go. The LAST person I expected to see in East City showed up today, and he came bearing as many pictures as usual! Hughes, it's sweet you love your family and all, but show those damn pictures to someone else. I've seen them a hundred friggin' times already. I have still yet to find out what he's doing here. He's stationed in Central, afterall. Whatever he's here for, he and the Colonel sure did spend a hell of a lot of time talking in his office. Four hours straight.

It's either because of a really important case, or Hughes brought along his family album. Likely the former, as the later would require more than four hours to go through. (I know. Trust me.) I will burn that album if I ever get the chance.

Other than that, not too terribly much has been happening since I transferred. Well, Havoc got a hold of one of Mustang's bills and was going to sign it. However, Hawkeye and I threatened him to within an inch of his life persuaded him to reconsider. The bill found its way onto Mustang's desk in a million pieces. Other than /that/, pretty much just paperwork and boredom.

- Kaida
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23 September 2005 @ 03:45 pm
September 23 ~ 3:45PM

So, I was in the middle of being bored (Actually, Havoc and I were playing poker, but don't tell Mustang that, especially since I kept winning. XD), and this short blond kid and this guy in ARMOR (WHO THE HELL WEARS ARMOR!?) comes walking into the office. Apparently, this is /normal/. Everyone says hello and everything and they introduce me. The short kid? Apparently /he's/ the FullMetal Alchemist. The one that's so popular with the people. (I have to admit when I heard they were the Elrics brothers, I thought Alphonse, the guy in armor, was the FullMetal Alchemist. Ed didn't much like that goof.)

I honestly don't see what's so great about this kid. I mean, he blows up if he thinks anyone's even implying that he's the s-word. Geez. Talk about a temper. And after he went in to report to the Colonel, he came storming out and wouldn't stop complaining about him. Damn that Mustang! He's always sending us on wild goose chases! and Why can't he ever give me a straight answer!? And my personal favorite, If he calls me SHORT ONE MORE TIME, I'm going to transmute his FACE TO HIS ASS!

As I wrote earlier today, I have been transferred to a zoo. Or maybe a circus? Same difference. -_-

- Kaida
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23 September 2005 @ 11:25 am
Author's Notes

I feel the need to explain myself. Kaida Theil is a character I made up to use in a FullMetal Alchemist RP me and akako_dukes started at a private Pro boards. The rp absolutely rocks, and I love the character I created. I've also been bored out of my mind lately, and have been itching to write stuff. So, to fight boredom, I thought, well wouldn't it be cool to write a fanfiction in a journal like style. Hence this. It's not exactly based on the RP that I used this character for, but I might steal a few ideas from it now and again. Anyway, if you're interested, happy reading!

BTW, it is sorta a romance thing-a-mabob. Not really at first, since Kaida winds up hating her future interest's guts, but yeah...

Character BiographyCollapse )

Entry One: Transfers SUCK!

September 23 ~ 11:25AM

Apparently the tight asses in Central don't know how to take a joke. Really, all I did was flood the bathrooms... Okay, so maybe it was uncalled for, and I deserved to be punishment (not really). Maybe less time off and more paperwork? Oh heck no. They decided to send me off to East City. I half expected a 'good riddance' letter in the mail before I moved. As it turned out, the smug look on the General's face as I was packing up my stuff from the office conveyed the same meaning. Damn, that ass pisses me off to no end!

So, yeah, I'm here in East City now. The place isn't too bad, I guess, but I swear I've been transferred into a zoo exhibit. I now have to answer to one Colonel Roy Mustang. He's the Flame Alchemist, and some kind of war hero. First impression of him wasn't too bad. He's nothing like Gran THANK GOD, but... How shall I put this? I'll be blunt: He's miniskirt obsessed!

How do I know this, you ask? Well, the minute I got settled in at my desk, Mustang comes trouncing out of his office and sets this stack of paperwork on my desk. Okay, that's cool. I'm used to paperwork. Paperwork is SUCKS fun. So I go through it, signing the legit stuff, and vetoing the crap. About halfway through I stumble across this bill the Colonel himself wrote up. Okay, cool. I start reading. NOT COOL! All female personal are to wear miniskirts? Like I'm gonna sign off on that.

I first thought it was a joke after I had calmed down. So I laughed it off and gave Mustang points for not being a tight ass like those idiots in Central. I happened to comment about it to the others in the office, and their reaction was, well, varied.

Oops, I didn't mention my new co-workers did I? Here's a quick list, because I'm lazy like that: Riza Hawkeye (The only other female. Sigh.), Jean Havoc (He scares me. He asked me out and I don't even KNOW him. o_O), Kain Fuery (He's a MIDGET with glasses! XD), Something Breda (GAH, I can't remember his name! I suck at remembering names. DX), Something Falmon (Nope, don't remember his first name either, but he needs to LIGHTEN UP!), and, uh, have I forgotten anyone? Ah, hell, who cares!

Where was I? Oh, yes, my superior officer's miniskirt obsession. Twitches. Hawkeye looked rather agitated (I don't blame her). Havoc kept chanting, "Sign it, sign it!" to which I felt the urge to throw something at him, and pretty much everyone else either shook their heads amusedly, or sighed. I was much confused, and decided maybe I should just go to the Colonel and tell him it was a good joke... I did so, but he wasn't joking. DX Needless to say, but I'm going to say it anyways, I ripped that bill into a bazillion pieces. He wasn't quite happy with me. Oh. Well. Life moves on, Colonel Pervert.

But, yes, after that getting the rest of my paperwork done was relatively easy. It's not even lunch time yet, and I have nothing to do. Hence why I grabbed some random notebook and started jotting this down. Some of the guys looked amused, but I have no clue why. Have they never seen someone write in a journal!? Geez.

Should anything else noteworthy happen, I'll be sure to write it down.

- Kaida
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